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AWI is a Certified Minority-Owned Staffing Company

AWI Minority Staffing SolutionsAs a certified minority-owned staffing company, AWI is in a unique position to fulfill government and private sector contracts that have made it a priority to work with minority-owned organizations. It is our goal as an organization to combine a high level of professionalism with all of the services you need to meet your goals, which is why we offer this certification and the chance to run your staff through a minority-certified company.

For employers, this means you can meet national and state requirements in contracting with minority-certified companies like ours. Not only will you get to take advantage of our experienced pool of applicants, but you can also meet your goals as a company.

We currently hold a minority certification through the Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council (MSDC). Contact us directly for more information on how our certification can benefit you.

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Diversity in the Engineering and IT Fields

Diversity programs within Engineering and IT companies are growing as the global business environment changes. Partnering with qualified businesses like AWI can help spur economic growth in diverse communities while also creating new revenue opportunities. A well-organized diversity program is also a socially responsible business initiative.

AWI fully supports these practices and is always looking ahead to improving organizations and the communities they serve. It’s all part of our focus on doing more than just filling a staffing need—we are your partner for success and for the future.

Employment Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

AWI Minority Staffing SolutionsRegardless of minority status or diversification efforts, AWI has made a commitment to build and maintain long-term relationships with all of our clients. We believe that staffing and employment are so much more than a one-time opportunity to provide contract labor, instead placing the focus on growth and understanding between you and the employees you seek.

AWI always considers your company’s culture, goals, mission, values, and priorities when creating a one-of-a-kind employment solution. Whether that means helping you fulfill your obligations in minority contracts, or if it has to do with helping you build a team with unique strengths, backgrounds, and talents, we’re here to help.

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