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AWI Flexible Staffing SolutionsThe AWI staffing focus has always been on personalized service founded on communication, relationship-building, and a strong understanding of your short-term and long-term goals. This powerful combination of attributes has helped us to become a leading staffing company in the fields of technology and engineering. Your goals and your bottom line matter to us—and we’ll make sure that you get the results you need in a staffing solution tailored specifically for your organization.

Our flexible staffing solutions include both traditional temporary staffing options as well as long-term contracts and full-time placements.

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Contract Staffing: In the engineering and IT industries, it is common for employees to seek contract work as a way to maintain their own levels of autonomy and decision-making. Leading professionals with decades of experience and advanced degrees are able to select the jobs they want and to make short- or long-term commitments based on their individual goals. We respect this decision and have found a way to make it work for you.

At AWI, we make contract staffing easy. Whether you are looking for employment options for a project or for contract-to-hire opportunities, we offer a wide range of opportunities. In addition to great compensation and benefits, we always support our professionals and our clients so that a win-win situation is accomplished all around.

Direct Placement Jobs: In today’s economy, both employers and those they hire are sometimes looking for a little more stability out of the job market. Finding qualified candidates for open IT and engineering positions isn’t always easy, since there is so much more to finding the right fit than merely looking at credentials and background.

The AWI comprehensive approach means that we look at all facets of an individual’s personality and your corporate culture to find the best fit. We don’t just want to fill your direct placement jobs and walk away. We want you to enjoy long-term benefits the fast, easy, and streamlined way.

Flexible Staffing Solutions Your Way

AWI Flexible Staffing SolutionsBecause we always take the time to get to know our clients and employees before we provide job placement services, we encourage you to act now. Contact our team of representatives today to learn about how we can meet your employment needs.

Whether you need a qualified candidate tomorrow, or if you’re gathering information on how many IT professionals you’ll need to launch your next big project, we can answer your questions and get you started building the perfect team.

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